He is 96 years old, he has just learned to read and write and he wants to continue studying

Lupita, originally from the Vicente Guerrero indigenous community in Chiapas, Mexico, is the oldest of five children. She did not attend school because her parents considered it a waste of time. The need for food and housing led her to be one of the five founders of Mercado 5 de Mayo in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, but not to lose her dream: go to school.

Now, at 96 years of age and after a life of hard work, he decided to resume his studies to learn to read and write, and with this he obtained certifications at the primary and secondary levels, demonstrating that everything is possible when you want it from the heart.

It is noteworthy that, compared to many young people, Lupita loves the studies and is already preparing to take the baccalaureate or preparatory level.

Lupita studied at the Chiapaneco Institute of Education for Young People and Adults. His main motivation comes from personal improvement and curiosity to understand the meaning of the words he saw embodied in ads, flyers or books.

There I looked for any little thing, looking if I could decipher it. In six months I took my high school, all that has motivated me to want to know, read, write and serve.

She wears glasses and her hands tremble when writing, but Lupita is an example of strength and dedication that we should all follow.

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