He is 50 years old and looks 30! Meet the most beautiful grandmother in the world


Originally from Belgrade, Serbia, Zaklina Berrido Pisano is a influencer and a fashion blogger who seems to be 30 years old, but in reality she is a grandmother of 50! He looks so young that he even won the title of the most beautiful grandmother in the world.

He has lived in Switzerland, France, Poland and, currently, in Italy, but although he likes to travel the world and seems to lead a life of luxury, things have not always been so easy. His blog is not only about fashion, travel and personal care, but about maintaining vitality after going through difficult times.

He overcame the loss of his son

Zaklina was born into a poor family and in his youth moved to Italy in search of a better life, but his years as a student were complicated: he studied two careers and although he had two jobs he sometimes went hungry. In spite of everything, her efforts paid off and she now owns a successful bidding company.

When her son Stefan moved to Serbia to study, she suggested that she write a blog about her life so that she would stay busy and not worry so much about him. But in 2016 the world of Pisano fell apart when Stefan died in a car accident at age 23. Despite the tragedy, she continued to write to honor the memory of her son, even accompanying each photograph with the hashtag: #rememberstefan

Extreme results require extreme measures

For Zaklina, her beauty routine is a way of life and taking care of herself has become as basic as brushing her teeth. He has been practicing sports since he was 10 years old and since then he has not stopped. If you have already found your rhythm, it will not be so difficult for you. It is never too late to learn to be healthy and beautiful.

He confesses that he begins the day with lunch, then he exercises focusing on the different parts of the body and avoids looking at the cell phone in order not to be distracted; eat a lot of protein, take snacks everywhere (fruits and almonds) and your house is free of sweets and bread. For her the results are beyond our comfort zone, it is not about having good habits from time to time or compromising ourselves half-way: extreme results require extreme measures.

I think that fashion should be a way of escaping from reality and not a form of imprisonment. It is not about being in or looking chic but about being happy. It is better to be happy than to dress well. Also, you should stop comparing yourself with others, comparing yourself is the easiest way to feel bad about yourself. Concentrate on who you want to be and not on who others are.

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