He invited her out and arrived until dawn; she took revenge and left him DIVINE


Leaving a girl standing is probably the worst thing you can do, we can think and execute the most fun and horrible revenge, just as Natalie Weaver did. She and her boyfriend Stephen Hall had planned to have a wonderful Sunday.

However, his plans had to be canceled thanks to the fact that on Saturday night he got too drunk. After arriving at 6 in the morning, he was deeply asleep without there being a way to wake him up, and what did Natalie do about it? He took revenge in the sweetest and most creative way, of course.

1. Hands to work

Stephen was totally knocked out, so Natalie went to work and shared the whole process by Snapchat.

2. Let's start with the illuminator

Stephen ignored everything that happened because he was still drunk. Natalie took the opportunity to apply makeup, eye shadows, false eyelashes, lipstick and to finish, some false nails.

3. He also put on eyelashes!

He woke up at 4 in the morning the next day (22 hours later). At first he was too confused, but then admitted that he had left him as a very pretty woman.

Really beautiful

During an interview for the site Dailymail, Natalie talked about what had happened with her boyfriend.

He had gone out drinking all Saturday night until 6 o'clock on Sunday morning, but he and I had plans. I wanted to spend time with him. Unfortunately, I was very tired and was falling asleep, so I took advantage of the situation to avenge myself.

Stephen had slept since 13:00 hrs after the couple had tried to have their date for a couple of hours, but as soon as they returned home Stephen fell asleep.

Nails gave a more feminine touch

Stephen woke up by accident when he scratched with false fingernails. At first I was shocked and asked what had happened. I tried to convince him that he had arrived home like this. After we laughed at what happened, he even told me that he did not want to take off his makeup because it looked very nice.

Sleep like a princess, sorry prince

There was a lot of laughter, I was not angry. He's very funny, but I think he's going to think twice before doing it again. I was surprised that he slept the entire time I put it on. I was dead laughing. It was very crazy.

The result is fantastic

Although it was a very funny joke, we hope Stephen learned the lesson.

It's a lot of fun, but I hope you think twice before doing it again.

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