He has always been: Why you should fall in love with the boy who always waits for you


We often overlook those who most deserve our love and affection. But to be fair, we are not always aware that we have them in front of us. People enter our life only to then leave us, sooner or later. Some stay for years, others for decades, some for minutes and hours. And then, we have very few with whom we will stay all our lives.

Many of us are lucky to have parents who remain with us a large part of our lives; Maybe brothers, or cousins. Then there are those of our close friends who have been with us in good times and in bad times, friends who often do not distinguish ourselves from the family. However, when it comes to a couple, we seem to value novelty more than loyalty and dedication. As with all the good things in life, if you give importance to trivial things, you come to regret those decisions.

Sometimes we find the love of our lives at the right time, and we manage to make it work. But this is not always the case. Sometimes we fall in love with someone who has been in our lives for years: an old friend, an old boyfriend Whoever he may be, we may discover that he is a constant and valuable presence in our life.

He has loved you for a long time

They may not have loved each other romantically, but he is intrigued by the idea. Or maybe he always loved you with every bit of his being. Maybe he fell in love with you and could not help but stop loving you. He tried again and again, but was never able to find a woman who would make him feel so good about himself.

This is the deepest of loves. If he has loved you for years and years, and has not been able to let you go, that is love. Love resists the passage of time, grows and changes. Often it loses its intensity, its ingenuity and then it becomes something more complete.

Someone like that will never leave you. You have become a big part of your life. Even if the years have passed and you have lived in separate worlds, you will never lose the part of you that you carry with him. If this is not the kind of man you're looking for, then you're a bit disoriented.

He understands you

Most of the world lives in chaos due to the lack of communication that prevails. People have long conversations, debates, every day, without understanding each other. And with couples it is not the exception: they rarely understand each other, and usually, when they understand each other enough, they do not like what they understand.

But not with him. He has known you for so long that he understands you often much better than you understand yourself. He sees both what you do not want to see and what you are not able to see. Your faults, all your weaknesses, but also your beauty and your strength. He will go and he understands you

If you have not yet experienced this level of understanding, you have to do it. Believe me, you'll know when it happens to you. It's the weirdest thing, but when you find someone who understands you in your deepest levels, somehow you understand him in the same way.

Because he waited for you

They have lived their life since that moment when he fell in love with you, thinking of you. It is not that he has lived for you: he has lived for himself, but he has seen you in almost everything you have done. Your links are present in your best memories, and it so happens that in most of those memories, there you are.

Patience, no doubt, is a virtue, but this has nothing to do with patience. In fact, there were times when he certainly ran out of patience and cried feeling unable to handle reality. He waited because he had no other choice.

Waiting does not necessarily mean sitting with arms and legs crossed. It does not matter what you did in life, who you went out with, who you fell in love with, you were always there in your heart. It's when the heart waits, when it refuses to let you go, when it knows it has found something real.

And if it happens that one day your heart or your mind is really your whole being decides that it was too incredible to let it go, most likely you feel the same, or you could feel the same if you allowed it.

Sometimes, we take it for granted that he is not the right person; we become strong to forget and move on. Other times, it is too much fear to see and act sensibly in front of what is right in front of our eyes.

This is your story. You write it on the fly. How it ends, it depends on you, but happy endings take time to be created.

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