He had to take care of a baby robot as homework and he could not


It is well known that babies are not easy and that their care involves great physical and emotional effort. Feeding them, dressing them and making them sleep are some of the exhaustive duties that lead mothers to spend hours of insomnia and, in more serious cases, to lose control.

This was a lesson that Olivia Cole, 15, learned to care for a small robotized baby as a final exam in the subject of early childhood education at her school.

He thought it would be easy

Perhaps the young woman imagined that being the older sister of three children would help her take care of a baby, but as soon as she had the robot in her arms she knew that it would be the opposite.

This was said by Olivia's mother, Lawren Galloway, who shared in her Facebook account the story of fatigue and stress that the young woman went through in caring for the little robot:

Get to know William. It is the interactive baby that Olivia must take care of for a class. She has had it since Friday night and now she is completely exhausted. She is willing to give up and wants to return to William (or even throw him).

He begged his mother to help him with the baby

Olivia did not give anymore, the baby robot had left her totally exhausted. But the situation worsened one day, at three in the morning, when he approached his mother's room because he did not know how to control William

He arrived at my room around 3:00 a.m. She was crying while giving him a bottle. She begged me to help her because she wanted to sleep for a few hours.

But he did not help her, the girl had to learn that babies are not anything.

He had to repeat the matter

And although it seems that the girl did not try to take care of the baby, she really did! Olivia even stopped eating to tend to her fictitious son.

But his efforts did not pay off, because when it was time to return the baby to his teacher he ended up failing the course, as he scored only 65 percent, which is why he had to take the doll back to pass. Olivia learned the hard way that it is not easy to have a child, much less be a mother.

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