He found the simplest way not to ruin his makeup and all the Internet wants to apply it


She is Evamarie Lopez and is 16 years old, lives in California and loves makeup. One day, he came to the networks with an idea that seems silly but is actually brilliant.

Lopez found a way to not stain her clothes after applying makeup, the solution to an uncomfortable situation that every girl has gone through.

It all started one day that he was preparing to leave

After spending an hour arranging and putting on the lipstick Red on the lips, she decided she wanted to put on a white blouse with a high collar. But she realized that she would need something to cover her face so as not to run her makeup or stain her clothes.

Your solution: a plastic bag on your head

Simple, a little absurd, but effective.

Recently he published his discovery on Twitter

And the comments were immediate.

Some positives

Other girls already did

Some offered others tips

What do you think? So the next time you go out partying and you're about to put on your favorite blouse, you can put a plastic bag, a sleeve or a scarf on your head to avoid stains.