He edited all the photos of his vacation and erased his ex; instead he hit the face of Zac Efron

On more than one occasion, girls from all over the world have used the Internet to share the odd revenge of heartbreak. From a teenager who took pictures hugging James Franco to jealousy the boy who finished it, even that with the help of his best friend faked the best scene of infidelity just to annoy her boyfriend.

In the same way we met Baylee Wooderward, a 19-year-old girl who, after finishing her relationship, overcame sadness with humor, and to share her photos of her vacations, she improved her ex-partner. She edited the photos and with the help of Zac Efron's face erased all traces of her breakup. Interestingly, Baylee and Zac make a nice couple.

She is Baylee Woodeward and she is 19 years old

Baylee traveled extensively in 2016 and visited more than 12 Caribbean countries. All his trips he documented in his Instagram account.

His ex-boyfriend used to be his companion

Although the trips together were incredible, Baylee and her boyfriend ended up in a somewhat disastrous way.

The separation was hard because he was my traveling companion for a year, so we were literally together all the time, and suddenly he just disappeared.

Still separated, Baylee proudly shared her vacations

There are times in life when you can throw yourself to cry to your ex while you look at your vacation photos in the Caribbean, or you can distract yourself for a while with Zac Effron and a little help from Photoshop.

I can not wait to go back to the Bahamas now that you've finished filming.

She made some small editions of her collection of photos

Baylee says that although she loved her photos with her ex, she felt she could improve those images. The result really was epic.

That time Zac and I went hiking in the jungle.

Your memories on Facebook inspired the fun idea

I wanted to publish a memory of one of my trips, but the best photos I had with him. If I cut or erase it would have been very ugly. In its place I put the face of someone else, but when you think of young sexi, the answer is always: Zac Efron.

So Baylee had his memory of when he traveled with Efron

And to be honest, they make a very nice couple.

A memory of when Zac and I rode horses in Costa Rica.

The Internet loved the idea of ​​this young genius

I just got a job on a yacht and after that I plan to travel through Europe and Asia for a few months, maybe and find a new travel partner.

How famous would your Zac be in photos with your ex?


Harry Styles? Chris Hemsworth? Maluma?

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