He did not stop asking for nudes; she cheated on him in an epic way


If you have ever found yourself in the uncomfortable situation in which a guy asks you nude photos and you do not know what to answer, then you have to know the story of Par, a girl who established communication with a man in a social network and he did not let to ask her for pictures of her without clothes.

His witty answer is very funny and at the same time useful for all girls who can not get rid of men who just spend their time bothering. If one day you find yourself in a similar position, this could be the best solution.

1. The boy was bothering her

2. He was just looking for one thing

3. But I could not notice the deception

4. She was enjoying it

5. He was still waiting for the image

6. He never noticed the lie, so he asked him to continue chat

7. His followers applauded his action

8. Others gave you more ideas

9. And others took their example

Standing applause!

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