He could not celebrate his XV party; 30 years later he fulfills his dream


Lorena del Carmen Navarro always dreamed of celebrating her 15 years with an elegant dress, accompanied by ladies and chambelanes at a big party, but it was not possible because her family did not have the financial resources to do so.

However, she never lost the illusion and three decades later! She fulfilled her dream with an incredible party in which her children and her husband were her chamberlains.

A quinceañera is a traditional celebration in Latin American families

It is celebrated when a girl turns 15 years old.

She is Lorena, she is not 15, but

He has just celebrated his 45th birthday with a quinceañera party, showing everyone that it is never too late to fulfill his dreams.

His story moved the entire Internet

Through Twitter, Saul, his eldest son, shared the photos and videos of the celebration his mother had longed for.

Mom has been dreaming of her XV-year party since she was a little girl, but she never did it because her parents could not afford it. She planned to organize her party when she turned 30, but she could not do it because she was in bed and pregnant with her second child.

30 years later his dream came true

Lorena decided that 45 was the perfect age to make her dream come true. And that's how it became a forty-five-year-old.

Lorena did everything possible to replicate every detail of a quinceañera

He even had a mass before the party.

* A Catholic tradition in which quinceañeras receive Holy Communion and renew their baptismal promise.

Bridesmaids could not miss

Her two sisters, her cousin and her best friend were the right people.

He also danced a sweet waltz

Lorena danced with her father, and Renato, her youngest son, was responsible for mounting the choreography.

There is no doubt that this has been the best party in history

I was supposed to celebrate this when I was 15, but it feels good even at 45. I will never forget this day next to my family.

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