He convinced the ants to enter these traps in the most fun and ingenious way


Bug pests will always be a real nuisance, and many times, even if they cheat or spray, they refuse to leave, like what happened with the ants that lived in this man's home.

Patrick Tobin is a boy from Brooklyn who has been fighting an ant plague in his house, and although he is not infested, he has to share his kitchen with them. For weeks, Tobin put traps with poison, but the ants avoid them skillfully, so he decided to be smarter than them and tried to attract them with striking posters.

Meet Patrick Tobin

For weeks, Patrick has been fighting to eliminate an ant plague that lives in his kitchen, but it has not worked.

The man put posters to the ant traps

Ant Reading Center Learn to read! Maybe they should visit this center before going to the other sites.

The ants are very similar to humans: they work and return home every day, so Tobin really needed something to get his attention.

Some posters were too attractive

Organic Market Fresh local products!

They're Brooklyn ants, they deserved to eat healthy, right?

But Tobin is still not sure if they entered

Blockbuster store for ants The business is closed. Everything is sold! TheDVDs Y Blurays cheap!

During an interview, Tobin mentioned that he was not sure if they had fallen into the trap:

I hope you want to buy in The Zookeeper or a Blu-Ray in offer. Or a bit of fresh avocado in the organic market, you know, avocado is fashionable these days.

People are having fun with Tobin's idea

What is this, an ant center?

And they really love it

So far it is the best idea to attract ants.

Some pointed out flaws in the logistics of the posters

Maybe there are other gifted ants that can help them.

And they are very right

I think that not only the ants forgot that store that worked to rent movies.

Tobin must inform us about the outcome of this story

American Ant Challenge | The Ants of New York (January 2021)