He contacted MINORS OF AGE on Facebook to go out with them. The parents reacted SO


Social networks are a growing platform that we use to connect with our friends and family, however, some people use them to contact people they do not know.

Minors are the most vulnerable. It is impressive how exposed they can be when they use social networks, since most of them, first of all, have falsified their age information to open an account, and second, spend a large amount of time without supervision using this type of platform.

Why should we worry? The answer is simple: there are pedophiles, pedophiles and even kidnappers who add them to their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter profiles Y they gain the trust of the youngest by simply being kind.

To demonstrate the alarming nature of this situation, the site of social jokes and experiments Pranksters.com made a video with the help of internet videographer Coby Persin. With the permission of the parents of three girls aged 12, 13 and 14, they show how easy it is to put a child at risk. They created a fake profile of Facebook and Persin began to interact with them. In all cases the girls always respond, and then, something surprising happens: they agree to meet with a complete stranger without the permission of their parents.

What appears in the video is shocking, and is something that everyone should see. What would you do if one of your children was in this situation?

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