He completes his thesis and makes a newborn style photoshoot; she is a proud mom

After concluding your studies you think: I finally did it! , but there is still one last step to take and it is probably the most complicated of all; We are talking about the famous and complicated thesis, you know, the document that shows that you are ready to pursue a career, and that involves hours of effort, effort and monetary expenses. That is why many choose to celebrate when they conclude it successfully but nobody like Sarah Whelan.

The student saw her thesis as a daughter: she did it, wrote each word with love and finally, when she finished it, she did what every mother would do in these modern times: a photo session with her newborn.

Sarah Whelan will never forget when her thesis concluded

Whelan is about to finish his doctorate at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. His theme is about an epigenetic research that took four long years, including collecting information, conducting experiments and writing the results. During an interview he said:

I have many nieces and nephews and my mother told me: get a PhD or give me a grandchild. I already have my PhD.

Your photo session went viral on social networks

He published his photo session on Twitter and immediately the funny images became viral, so much that they got more than 252 thousand likes and was shared more than 50 thousand times.

Others took their idea to share their newborn session

Woman "giving birth" to her thesis as Sarah Whelan did

In the end, the students know what it feels like to finish the thesis.

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