Having intimate relationships with your best friend could reinforce friendship: study


For years it has been considered a taboo have intimate relationships with a friend and without getting hurt; however, it was now discovered that, contrary to what is thought, this can lead to a longer and lasting friendship.

Surely it has ever crossed your mind to have a night alone with that attractive friend. It is possible that things turn out well because a study by Boise State University confirms that sex between friends, in 76 percent of cases, is better and more pleasant because it is a secret between the two, and has that touch of spontaneity and excitement that makes you ask for more.

Intimacy increases trust and friendship grows

Unlike what many believe, physical contact between friends is better because it is known more broadly to the other person and leaves the feelings free.

Science supports the idea of ​​maintaining relationships with friends, since, as he says, a moment of lust is not only not harmful to friendship but can strengthen the relationship. Not everything has to end badly, sex between friends, certainly, is ideal to improve everything.

Your secret increases pleasure

The investigation involved 300 people and 20 percent said they had sexual contact with a friend who, of course, beyond ruining the friendship was strengthened. The intimate contact allowed them to feel more united and in trust than ever.

Involving feelings is a consideration, but it is very important not to take everything so seriously, as they are not sentimental partners and will only go out for casual sex encounters being discreet. Therefore, it is not necessary to render an account to the other, but short-term infatuation is not ruled out.

50% are still dating!

People who start as friends with benefits they have a high probability of lasting longer as a couple, because a bond of security and trust has already been established during sex. If you plan to continue with intimacy, both should make clear what is expected of the other and not confuse the actions or misinterpret them; that is, not fall into a potentially toxic friendship.

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