Having children after age 35 has more benefits than you think


Having a child at any age entails a great responsibility and not only in terms of care, but also factors such as socioeconomic, emotional, work and, above all, health stability.

And although for a long time the contrary has been said, when the age to procreate is delayed, there are many benefits for the parents. Such is the case of women in gestation over 35 years, who also take care of their health as they reduce the medical complications that arise as a result of pregnancy.

According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in Spain in 2016 the pregnancy rate was delayed more than the previous year reaching the average of 32 years to have children, while foreign mothers were on average at 29

Current women are more concerned about their future than having babies, that's why they take the time necessary for activities such as work, travel, going out with friends and meeting new people. They are liberal and take advantage of the moments alone.

Although it is true that the appropriate age to generate is from 20 to 35 years, it should be noted that the longer this stage is prolonged (without exceeding it) the better quality of life is offered to the children and is reflected mostly in their social performance and academics with high grades, mothers are more patient and punish their children less.

The European Journal of Developmental Psychology published an investigation that includes about five thousand older Danish mothers, less prone to punish, so they give priority to the emotional development of the child and with this, good decision-making and school performance predominate.

Other advantages of having a family until after the age of 30 are:

  • Motherhood is faced with greater maturity.
  • Economic and emotional stability.
  • More experience.
  • Increase life expectancy
  • Healthier routines

Undoubtedly, the lifestyle improves as the age increases for pregnancies, the children are smarter and stronger; Mothers, on the other hand, have more patience and having fulfilled most of their goals up to that point is an incentive for modern upbringing.

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