Having an envious friend is worse than having 10 enemies


A friend is capable of doing the impossible for you and vice versa; they will always have moments to share and tastes in common, as well as friendships that will suit them both or simply not swallow.

If someone becomes your enemy, it is yours and your partner, both must hate that person. Unfortunately, there are fake people who are only with you for interest or convenience.


When a person very close to you is not happy or enjoys your achievements, beware, it is someone who wants to look good but not better than her. Envy is a very common feeling in the human being; The idea of ​​seeing your dreams come true for someone else, in some cases, diminishes one's motivation and begins to be suspicious towards the person who achieves it.

Among friends it is usual to share ideas and influence the other to do or not do such a thing; Envy may unconsciously be hidden, but it will be there, as long as you do not discover it, you will believe that it is an act of support towards you. This fact shows that, coming from a friend, it is the most toxic.

Someone is happy for me

When someone has a new achievement, the people around him will analyze if they are benefited or not and, based on that, they will act for good or for bad. If something happens to us, before listening to the positive or negative comments of a friend, we must understand what it says and if it is manipulating at your convenience.

It is sad but it is true that there are people who spend their lives comparing their lives with those of others, and on account of it they move: they feel superior, they are the most cynical, they try to put upsets to your goals. It is not surprising that one day they are left alone.

No matter the life of others

If they focused all that energy to fall in love, love themselves or grow as people, of course they would have a better quality of life and things would naturally work for them, without the need to overshadow others. The envy of a friend is worse than the hatred of an enemy.