Hasbro promotes responsible parenthood with its new campaign


For years it was believed that children play with cars and weapons and girls with dolls and frets, because that is how gender is different. However, such stereotypes almost end completely.

Hasbro, a toy brand, suggests that boys can also play with items cataloged as female, for example dolls, and beyond affecting their behavior improves the parental responsibilities that in the future they will be able to exercise.

That's why Hasbro launched an advertising campaign with the title We can all take care, in which shows children playing with girls (with the toys of the brand Baby Alive), in order to develop responsible parenthood from childhood.

What does a child do with a doll? Practice care, develop responsibility, you become a better person.

Its purpose is to show parents and educators that this practice is a benefit for the healthy development of infants. In the same environment with girls, we seek to promote respect and equality of conditions and responsibilities that men should have as a family.

Recommend parents to let their children play with dolls. More than breaking stereotypes, they will become people who take care of each other, says Hasbro's Marketing Director, Hellen Silvero.

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