Handsome policemen upload selfie when they start their turn; his innocent photo is filled with fun compliments


Three Florida policemen have become the new sensation of the Internet due to a selfie that they shared after the passage of Hurricane Irma. The image of Gainesville agents was posted on the department's official website as they prepared to respond to calls from people who needed help during the storm.

Without waiting for it, the publication generated more than 200 thousand comments in which they highlighted the physical attractiveness of the agents, identified as: Nordman, Hamill and Rengering. After the avalanche of comments, the police department responded in a very original way, even insuring that they would make a calendar to raise funds. The best thing is that other departments joined the movement and the comments again exploded.

These policemen caused a bigger storm than Irma

Nordman, Hamill and Rengering, only wanted to share their strength and availability to help those who needed it the most after the passage of Hurricane Irma in Florida; But, everything went out of control to receive comments that made reference to his gallantry.

They have received countless comments

As expected, the girls' comments led them to blush.

This will increase the number of crimes in the city

There were those who were willing to be arrested by this trio.

The police department had to update its status on Facebook

Due to the wave of comments that flooded the official account of the police department, the boss in turn was forced to give an epic response to the new followers.

Other policemen joined the new challenge

Thanks to the success of the innocent selfieOther security departments joined the cause, creating a movement to collect food, donations and other support for the victims.

Twitter was also flooded with comments

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