H & M celebrates the diversity of the female body with its new swimwear campaign


It is rare to see fashion campaigns with curvy women who represent all of us and not only the thinnest, but the clothing brand H & M left behind the stereotypes and has included in its catalog girls curvy

Her most recent swimsuit campaign caused a positive impact on her followers because they included a model with little strips and stretch marks that they did not try to hide with Photoshop. Good for them!

Social networks applauded the decision

In the publication of Instagram you can read positive comments congratulating the brand for such a wise decision: thank you for promoting all body types, well done! , after so many years it is great to see common bodies, I am happy to see women with natural curves.

Although there were also people who were not happy because they say that this type of campaign discriminates against thin women: they completely lost the point. Real women are all women. The one that is size zero is a real woman. The one that is size 22 is a real woman.

Being inclusive is important

When it comes to the importance of showing real bodies it is obvious that it does not mean that thin women have lying bodies, but that in the fashion industry, in movies and in any kind of advertisement, girls of perfect bodies stand out. precise curves, and the average woman is left out.

This lack of representation makes us dissatisfied with our body, which can lead to food problems and the erroneous perception of the physical image, better known as body dysmorphia. That is why these campaigns are important, because all women and girls deserve to feel normal and beautiful.

We all have a beach body

Before the summer and holidays arrive we worry about having a nice body to go to the beach: we diet and we kill ourselves in the gym But to have a beach body all we have to do is have a body! And H & M understood it perfectly. We hope that more companies join in to show the diversity and beauty of the female body.

Body inclusivity is the new swimwear trend for major brands (April 2021)