Gym creates class to take a nap and wake up with energy


Exercise or sleep? That is the dilemma. Attention to children implies a heavy investment of time and effort, and many times parents do not feel like doing any extra physical activity, besides they do not have enough time to do anything other than work and be at home .

In the United Kingdom, the British chain of gymnasiums David Lloyd created the class Napercise, which consists of performing a series of stretches for 15 minutes and a nap of 45 minutes in a comfortable bed and with ambient music, so that participants wake up relaxed and with more energy.

Charles Czeisler, a senior physician at Harvard Medical School and a sleep researcher, says that modern society often confuses insomnia with vitality and high performance, and people put themselves and others at risk for not sleeping the necessary time.

Lack of sleep implies other types of complications that can affect the immune system; In addition, lack of energy could lead to inactivity, weight gain and cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Eating healthy, getting enough sleep at night to have adequate rest are the keys to having a great day and enough energy to exercise.

Is it Good to Take a Nap After a Workout? (April 2021)