Guinness denies marathon record to a nurse for not wearing a skirt


Jessica Anderson is a British nurse who, in addition to caring for her patients, likes to run. And she likes so much that in recent days she broke a world record: the Guinness record in London for being the fastest woman to run the marathon dressed as a nurse. However, and because of the stereotypes, he was not granted the title because he did not wear the traditional uniform: white or blue dress and cap.

Fortunately, and after a series of comments against the editors of the Guinness book because of the norms based on outdated and obsolete stereotypes, they had to retract and make public the Guinness World Record title for the fastest marathon with a nurse's uniform. This was reported by the magazine Runners World Sunday, April 28 last.

After checking the official chronometer of the marathon, it was stipulated that Anderson is indeed included in the list of Guinness Records; his career time was 3 hours 22 minutes and 8 seconds, and the book He added:

I want to take this opportunity to assure all concerned that Guinness World Records is absolutely committed to ensuring that we respect the highest standards of equality and inclusion. Therefore, we apologize without reservation and accept all responsibility for the mishandling of Jessica Anderson's application.

He further stated that disguises will not be allowed in this category and subsequently the basis for the use of the current uniform of nurses in the United Kingdom and the world will be presented.

Likewise, they reiterated their pride in being part of the Marathon in London for 12 years, since the original idea was to create record titles to encourage attending the route with costumes, and in 2007 seven people ran with the aim of reaching the record.

Since then, thousands of pounds have been raised to support different organizations. This year, 87 people ran for the same purpose: to achieve a Guinness world by raising hope.

Jessica Anderson, Marathon running nurse denied Guinness record because she wasn't wearing a skirt (April 2021)