Grumpy Cat, the famous cat of the memes, dies


The cat Take Sauce, better known as Grumpy Cat, died at age seven on Tuesday May 14 because of an infection in the urinary tract and despite the prompt attention of their veterinarians. This was announced by their owners on social networks.

After the appearance of the first memes, as forever alone Y trollface, the feline became a sensation of the net for its peculiar angry face.

With a broken heart we announce the death of our beloved Grumpy Cat. Despite the care of professionals as well as his loving family, Grumpy faced complications caused by a recent infection of the urinary tract that became difficult to overcome. He passed away peacefully on the morning of Tuesday, May 14, in the arms of his mom, Tabatha.

In addition to being our baby and a beloved member of the family, Grumpy helped millions of people around the world to smile even in difficult times. His spirit will live in all of us.

The cat became famous in 2012 after its owner Bryan published a photo of her on the Reddit platform. The users of the social network fell in love with his bad-tempered face and decided to turn it into a meme.

Internet could never forget its peculiar face and its popularity grew to the point of accumulating more than eight million followers on Facebook and have their own products such as books, pillows, stuffed animals, tennis, shirts and even a perfume. In addition, he managed to take pictures with celebrities such as Stan Lee, Jennifer Lopez, Carrie Fisher, Andrew Lincoln and the cast of the Broadway musical, Cats

Grumpy Cat: Internet’s most famous cat dies aged seven (April 2021)