Grandpa sells firewood on the road to pay for medical expenses for his sick wife


One day Kenneth Smith and his wife Helen were on the side of a road in Gulfport, Mississippi, when Jessica Pittman saw them and came to see what was happening. The elderly couple told him that they sold bags with firewood at five dollars to pay the woman's medical bills, as she had fallen ill with lung cancer.

After a year of that encounter, Jessica went back to the same place and again saw Kenneth cutting wood and putting together the bags to sell, but his wife was no longer with him.

The man told him that his wife had died, but that he still had to take care of the debts in the hospital, so every day he went to that same place to try to sell the product. Moved by the story, Jessica knew she could not leave it to her fate, so she got down to work to help him and posted the anecdote on her Facebook account.

Last year he also settled there to sell, but he was accompanied by his sweet wife Helen. He sold wood to pay for doctor's visits and medical bills. This year he was alone. He said his wife had lost the battle against cancer a few weeks ago and still must sell firewood to pay the bills.

My heart breaks every time I step by his side. He signals to each passing car. On Friday, while I was stopped at the traffic lights, a hearse passed by and he was there, standing, very alert and with his hat close to his heart. A lovely man, but I can not buy everything! Either way, we can all spend five dollars to help this sweet man.

The publication quickly went viral and people went to buy firewood in heaps. But not only that: when Kenneth's daughter, Leslie, opened an account in GoFoundMe to receive donations and relieve the burden of his father, the solidarity of the people made it possible to raise, to date, 132 thousand 255 dollars. This shows that the power of social networks and the great hearts of people can do great things.

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