Grandmother of 70 shows the effects of not consuming sugar for 28 years; looks an incredible body


Maintaining a slender body and looking ten years younger is the dream of every girl, but few manage to obtain the secret of eternal youth, like the Australian Carolyn Hartz, who at 70 years looks very well preserved.

When Hartz, who owns the brand of sugar supplements Sweetlife, She was diagnosed with prediabetes, had to give up foods with sugar to purify her blood and improve her health. And for 28 years he has maintained a diet based on xylitol, a supplement to which he attributes his eternal youth and which is a worldwide distributor, helping thousands of people to delight their palate without risk.

Hartz looks like a girl of 30

She says that everything is due to her low-sugar diet.

You always have to be careful what you put in your mouth.

Giving up on sugar was not easy, but today he thanks

When she was diagnosed with prediabetes she felt that her world was over and she could not eat as before or enjoy a birthday cake. However, everything changed thanks to xylitol.

Not everything is in your diet

Her young appearance is not only due to her sugar-free diet, she is also a fan of sports that allow her to keep fit, such as outdoor walks, playing tennis or practicing yoga at least three times a week.

However, the Internet doubts its secret

Some say their youth is due to a long list of surgeries.

Others think he just wants to get attention

Or that it is a matter of their privileged social status.

And some more claim that it is advertising for your company

Apparently his strategy is not working as it should.

Meanwhile, a few envy

I'm much calmer and more intuitive since I started meditating at 65. It's never too late.

It does not matter if she has gone through the operating room or only maintains a healthy and harmonious life, she is happy with herself and reflects it.

The Stunning 70-Year-Old Who Advocates Going Sugar-Free | This Morning (January 2021)