Goodbye to the friend zone: 8 qualities of someone who is really a GOOD kid


Many men have a distorted view of what it is to be a good guy (one who is gentle, compassionate, sensitive, vulnerable). They think that the good boy He is the one who uses his good deeds to sleep with a girl, without using the dominant macho strategy. It would be the opposite, like a fallen hero. But there is a crucial detail that they misunderstood in their definition: good guys they are not because they want to sleep with you, they are good ones because they do not just think about sleeping with you.

A boy is not good because he says he is; can not say I tried to be good and it did not work Being nice, gentle, compassionate, etc., is not a motive, it is an attribute; It is not a play or a disguise, it is a genuine way of not being aware of the effect it causes on women. Unfortunately, many men do not understand this and use it as a strategy, but the following attitudes make the difference between a good boy and one that is not.

1. He wants be your friend and do not complain about being located in the friend-zone

The good boy Do not protest because you're not treating him like the handsome alpha male he wants you to see in him. He does not get mad because you want him only as a friend because he has no ulterior motives. If something else happened, it would be great, but he did not plan his friendship to be otherwise.

2. He respects you but not for what you can do for him

A genuine and authentic good boy He respects a woman because he is his equal. He does not respect her because he can offer you certain things. He respects her as a person and not because of his ability to fulfill his wishes.

3. He does not give you everything but does not expect anything

Good guys are not constantly trying to buy your affection and every woman should know that no man offers her gifts without expecting anything in return. Nothing comes free in this world, no matter how nice and attentive he is pretending to be. A good boy It's honest you do not buy things because you're not expecting anything in return.

4. He does not treat you like a princess treats you like an equal

You know he is good when he does not tell you all those lies. The good boy always placed at your same level, does not speak to you as if you were on a pedestal. (Because every woman knows that if a man speaks to you in that way, he wants everything to be directed towards down).

5. He does nice things without expecting you to do the same for him

Your reasons are not questionable. It does not make you feel guilty for not responding to their attentions or insinuate that you expect something in return for them. He does kind things for a woman as he does for everyone.

6. He is able to feel empathy even if he can not understand everything

A good boy will be the first to admit that he does not know everything about women, but that does not mean he can not try to understand them. Just because he does not go through the same kind of problems does not mean they are less important, and he expresses it to you, just as it would be if it were the other way around.

7. He knows your strength but I would never threaten you with it

Although he knows he is stronger than you, and many times society gives him the advantage, he would never use that against you. He does not see the advantages of being a man as a way to diminish a woman. In fact, it recognizes the effort of women and would never be an obstacle to feeling more powerful.

8. He hears you when you speak not only because he is waiting for you to finish

Your conversations are not sweet talks with which you intend to gain your trust. He really wants to talk to you and the focus is on many more things than the way your mouth moves. When he speaks to you, it is because he is genuinely interested, and his words as his promises are never empty.

The Friend Zone: Why You Are There and How To Get Out Of It! (January 2021)