Goodbye, princesses! 3-year-old girl has birthday party inspired by La Nun


Do you remember the last birthday party of your childhood? Probably there were colored balloons, confetti, streamers, cutlery, tablecloths and even a piñata with the face of your favorite princess. All right.

However, it seems that not all girls like Disney princesses or dream of pink parties. This was demonstrated by Lucia, a little girl of three years of age who decided to forget about the classic events to give her birthday party a Gothic twist when she was inspired by the terrifying film of The Nun

The Nun is part of the terrifying universe of the Warren spouses

In spite of the infinity of scares during its projection

It is the favorite character of Lucia, who does not fear the paranormal

Therefore, his party was inspired by this dark presence

Although many of his guests did not attend due to fear

Lucia had a great time between screams and frights

We want to go to your next birthday party!

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