Goodbye micropigmentation? The new eyebrow wigs came, the new trend in beauty


The eyebrows are the main frame of our face, they enhance the look and emphasize expressions. Since the populated eyebrows became fashionable, all girls look for perfect eyebrows Cara Delevingne style or Lily Collins, which created a wave of tutorials to achieve at home.

The micropigmentation came to revolutionize the world of cosmetics and as a salvation for the little-browed girls. However, in recent dates have appeared videos of what could be the next trend and the makeup artist Hung Vanngo shared: a wig for eyebrows.

The minipelucas are driving the entire Internet crazy

They are based on a sticker Made with natural eyebrow hair, it costs $ 19 dollars on AliExpress. It is ideal for girls who fear damaging their skin with micropigmentation and also for those who find it difficult to use makeup and brushes.

They are simple to place

First you have to clean your natural eyebrow so that the skin is dry and without traces of fat. Next, cut out the sticker So that it fits perfectly with your natural eyebrow, apply a little glue on the wig and stick it on your skin. Ready!

Its appearance is really natural

This idea will help hundreds of people, men and women, who suffer from cancer or alopecia and have lost part of their hair and facial hair, giving them more confidence in themselves.

They are trend in the world of fashion

There is no doubt that fashions have changed over the years, from the very thin, curvilinear, populated and angular forms to the new wigs of today.

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