Goodbye, goodbye! Meet the new Chayanne song that will surely seduce you


For years Chayanne has been the favorite singer not only of Latin America, but of the whole world. Recently we were impressed when he decided to leave the romantic ballads for the urban genre and share microphones with the reggaeton Yandel singing the theme Humans to Mars.

After the song Slowly it became a total success due to its sticky rhythm, the Puerto Rican singer is willing to make everyone forget the song for which Justin Bieber was so attracted, presenting the video of the single What have you done to me, where he sings with Wisin.

This duo can oust Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber

The video was recorded on a set of Universal Studios in Orlando, to simulate the streets of Brooklyn, with children playing, street vendors and bohemian cafes. During an interview for the site Cosmopolitan, Chayanne spoke of what was wanted to achieve:

We wanted to recreate one of the most important streets in New York, so that people from all over the world can identify with the song. That's why an urban scenario was the perfect option.

The lyrics of the song were created by Chayanne and Wisin

For the handsome singer it was not difficult to create the song and adapt to the urban style of Wisin, because the reggaeton It runs through your veins. We must remember that Chayanne was born in Puerto Rico, the cradle of this particular style.

The melody has a romantic background story with a fusion of urban, tropical and pop, that only Chayanne is capable of creating. On the other hand Wisin contributes with a funny and seductive style.

Before the song was finished he went through a great test

Chayanne commented that her children were of great help so that the song is a total success.

I have a great relationship with my children, so I asked for their opinion so as not to fail in the attempt. In my house I always count the projects that I am about to make and my friends always give me their opinion, so I have a great energy that nourishes me and encourages me to keep going.

This is the video that will become your new obsession

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