Goodbye coffins! Company creates planetary spheres with the ashes of loved ones


Artful Ashes is a company located in Seattle, United States, that helps people cope with the loss of a loved one through magical artistic creations of glass and ashes that seem to be brought from another planet.

As they say on their page, their artists capture the essence of the soul of the deceased and create a swirl of color and ashes, sealing it forever in a beautiful creation of glass.

1. The loss of a loved one is difficult

2. But using the blown glass technique

3. Artful Ashes captures the essence of the person

4. And turn your ashes into art

5. To keep a magical memory

6. Of those who left us in body

7. But they accompany us in spirit

8. To make these pieces

9. Only the equivalent of one tablespoon of ashes is necessary

10. For the artist to get down to work

11. And help people in their healing process

12. These beautiful necklaces

13. Hearts like precious stones

14. And spheres that look like planets

15. They show that life beyond death is possible

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Barsoom #1) (April 2021)