Give up your job to travel around the world with your cat


Rich is an Australian boy who left everything to make way for the greatest adventure of his life: traveling the world with his best friend, his cat Willow.

His adventure began in 2012, the year he adopted Willow, a black cat that had been abandoned at the gates of an animal shelter. In 2014, after 10 years of work, Rich quit his job, sold his car, clothes, furniture and even his home; With the money collected he bought a van that he adapted as a motor home.

The traveler never imagined that thousands of people would follow his trip closely. Now he has his own Instagram page, Facebook and a blog called Van Cat Meow; In addition, it has appeared together Willow in television and radio programs.

Rich and Willow They are the most eccentric travelers on the Internet

His adventure began five years ago

In 2015 they toured Australia from end to end

Both were captivated with their new lifestyle

So they decided to travel for the rest of their days

To solve the expenses, Rich works in bars temporarily

He also sells photos and goes to organizations that offer free food

Help in shelters and give advice to travelers

Proving that all change is good

Family Has Been Sailing Around The World Non-Stop For 9 Years (April 2021)