Girls, the more SMART are more likely to be UNMARRIED


The world that we have had to live is a hard world, full of awkward first dates, bad sex and limited possibilities of love. On top of that, many women think that agreeing to date someone new is comparable to traveling to the Arctic: it's cold, it's uncomfortable and you're likely to die before you start lighting the fire. These women, qualified as intelligent, after years of bad travel and valuable lessons, have learned that they may not want to return again.

Unfortunately, being qualified as intelligent moves us away from the promised land, meaning a life in a couple, courtship, marriage. No matter how bright and polite we are, we are more likely to be single.

Perhaps the saying "ignorance is happiness" exists because it will be difficult for an intelligent woman to have male company to go out on a Friday night especially if she wants to talk about Nietzsche and the theories she is seeing in her philosophy class. That woman will hurt every time her parents ask her why she can not find someone, like so many of her friends.

At this point, that woman could have invented a different saying: Ignorant women get to man, and intelligent women never feel full. But why does this happen? Why do men not like women they can talk to and challenge them? When did the aversion to bright women arise?

In an article of The Wire entitled Why intelligent men choose less intelligent women? (Why Do Smart Men Date Less Inteligent Women?) Financial journalist John Carney explained that less intelligent women have more free time because they do not get an economic reward by studying more or working overtime, and they look for an intelligent partner as a means to advance economically. In that sense, the dumb girls would have a double motivation to make an effort to go out with successful men, financially speaking, that smart women do not have.

Apparently, they want a woman who makes their relationship a priority and, unfortunately for all those intelligent women that exist, there are a considerable number of women willing to do so. In fact, there are a lot of women who see men as their saviors.

On the other hand, if a woman in general had to decide what kind of woman to be, she would be between a rock and a hard place: if you are stupid, few men will take you seriously; If you are smart, they take you too seriously, as they would with a competitor or a rival. Women all over the world live under a double-edged sword. Being beautiful and attractively feminine, in general, does not allow the mind to stand out, while a strong personality coupled with great intelligence is seen as an undesirable threat.

A study conducted with 121 Britons showed that women with high intelligence, in a male-female relationship, are seen by others as problematic, while the male partner, also intelligent, was not seen as a problem, but as desirable. These cultural stereotypes and gender biases are preventing a woman from being valued for her intellectual capacity. In some places, they are being ignored and punished for their intelligence.

There is an epidemic that seems to affect our generation. Women all over the world desperately search for men who appreciate us, not understand or support us. In an article in The Daily Mail, university counselor David Willets says that successful women will have to choose less qualified couples than they, because the number of women with university degrees is now greater than the number of men with a university education, which time has decreased options in appointments. At the same time, men are not willing to take second place in the competition, and this is causing smart women to stay alone.

A woman who has dedicated years of her life to pursuing a postgraduate degree or developing her profession has lost handicap in front of those that were dedicated a man to marry. They took advantage of their youth and hoarded the prospects, taking first the boyfriends and then the available husbands. Bad luck for all those who chose to pursue their professional dreams.

College women have had to fill their void by compensating their love careers for failed dating with successful careers.

In an article published by The Daily Beast, Dr. Eileen Pollack explains:

There are all kinds of contradictions that spread in our culture that make it look like you can not be smart and sexy. I do not think most of us challenge paradigms, we just absorb them.

If a woman seems too smart or successful, it is almost a fact that she will be pigeonholed as non-material for dating.Even if it is witty and fun, but competitive, it will be seen as a challenge.

Society has come to teach women that it is better to have a head with fewer ideas and that it is better to harden their hearts in the face of low expectations of relationships where both can be shown at the same level.

5 Reasons Why Intelligent People are Single! (January 2021)