Girl with Down syndrome is determined to BECOME a model


Madeline Stuart is an 18 year old girl who decided to become a model. Her inspiring story became known around the world because of a small characteristic in it: Maddy has Down syndrome.

Her mom, Rosanne, explains on her page Facebook:

If she models, she can help society change the way they see people with Down syndrome. Being exposed will help her to be accepted. Maddy is determined to look for different model agencies that show the different body types that exist.

Although his Facebook and Instagram accounts were created just this month, Stuart already has more than one hundred thousand followers in both.

She is Madeline

Enthusiastic dancer and swimmer, Maddy decided to take exercise seriously because she was frustrated that she could not make car wheels or stand on her hands. For this she changed her eating habits and began to swim daily, to practice cricket, hip-hop and cheerleader routines.

His mother agrees

For Rosanne, it's time for people to realize that someone like Madeline can be sexy and beautiful.

Maddy is very self-confident

She has managed to lose 20 kilos of weight, but the confidence in herself to try to venture into modeling is a natural part of her personality. Maddy enjoys posing in front of the camera or posing in public.

Words of encouragement

Much of his strength comes from his mother, who tells him every day how amazing, fun, elegant and wonderful it is.

Rosanne remembers that many felt sorry for her; even some strangers came to say that his daughter should not be in public, while his doctors assured him that Maddy would not get important achievements.

Another beauty concept

If people could see the inner beauty of Maddy, how loving and caring she is, and if that were the measure on which beauty is based, most models in the world would have Down syndrome.

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