Girl recreates the graduation photo of her mother in his; they spent 17 years and their parents do not change


When Madeline Tarin, 18, began her senior year of high school, she already knew how she wanted to celebrate her graduation: instead of concentrating on herself, Madeline shared this special moment with her family.

Her parents were teenagers when they brought her into the world and they were harshly criticized for having a child at such a young age, despite that, they stayed together and raised her, they were determined to do so and to give her a future, so Madeline paid them a tribute for their effort and recreated a moving image of 17 years ago.

This photo taken in 2000 and has become a treasure of the family

Madeline recreated the image 17 years later

This is the message he gave them

Madeline wanted to thank the efforts of her parents and grandparents

The image has been shared on Twitter more than 76 million times

This has been great news for some

Others celebrate the achievements of Madeline and her family

Many claim that their parents have not aged too much

Some wonder if they are vampires

Because it seems that time does not affect them

Others who say that their mom is beautiful

But the really important thing is that they are a great family

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