Girl inspires an entire school to learn sign language to understand it


Morey Belanger, a six-year-old girl with a hearing loss, was the inspiration for around 160 students, teachers and staff at the Dayton Consolidated School in Maine, USA, to decide to learn sign language to make her feel comfortable, like a student more and be able to understand it.

According to Kimberly Sampietro, director of the school -pre-school-, Morey is the first student with disabilities to receive the institution, which has invested extraordinary resources in additional training for teachers and has caused students to learn the language of the deaf.

For her part, Morey's mother, Shannon Belanger, expressed her gratitude for the special welcome that the school and its members have given to her little daughter and stressed that the other children are excited to learn to communicate in another way, and I think they think it's fun.

Today, the school displays signs in sign language along its corridors and children have learned many words through which they communicate with Morey.

As a reward for this effort to be inclusive, Kimberly Sampietro took a show for the children in which the young woman who characterized Princess Cinderella communicated with them with sign language. It is a way for them to know that what they have learned not only helps them talk with Morey, said the director.

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