Girl illustrates the moment she lost her dog and shows how difficult these goodbyes are


Those who own a pet know that the bond that is created between her and a human is something indescribable and wonderful. But we also have to know that life is a cycle and everything comes to an end. Saying goodbye to your beloved companion can be the saddest and most difficult task.

This is what happened to the digital artist Jen-Jen Rose, who had to say goodbye to her beloved dog. However, he discovered that there were still some things that he had not been able to tell him and decided to do what he does best: with an incredible series of moving drawings, in which he could thank his unconditional love and company.

1. Your best company

2. Your best consolation

3. The most unconditional love

4. The greatest support

5. The most important loyalty

6. The most painful farewell

7. The most sincere gratitude

8. The best friend

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