German artist programs a robot and makes incredible drawings in a single stroke


New forms of expression in art are born every day. At present, talented young people demonstrate their capacity helped by the technological advances that never cease to amaze us. Sergej Stoppel is a German designer who had an idea to be able to make stunning drawings.

After seeing robots they could draw, he decided to do it on his own. I buy an plotter simple that can only contain a pen and programmed it. Although at first he thought there would not be much variety, the reality is that the result is fantastic, simple and simple. To make a small drawing it can take up to 30 minutes, but it's worth it, these are some of the examples of what you have created in your small workshop called LinesLab.

1. The beautiful Audrey Hepburn

2. A stamp by Ryan Gosling

3. A beautiful portrait of Emma Stone

4. Miniature drawings created as a tribute to The Land

5. The iconic dance step

6. The great wave of Kanagawa

7. Approach of the great wave on Kanagawa

8. The drawing of a panda

9. The great Chaplin

10. The good Bruce Willis

New installation puts robot artists to the test (September 2020)