Game Of Thrones, the ending that divided everyone


It came, and even happened, on the day that many did not want: the end of Game of Thrones (GOT), the HBO series that was in the mouth of the majority. Yesterday Sunday, tens of millions of fans from all over the world were in front of the television without blinking so as not to miss the smallest detail.

There are conflicting opinions. Although some ended with a good taste in the mouth, for most it was not the end they expected; What is certain is that all the seasons were at the height of the fans. But if some of them missed the final chapter, they run as soon as possible to see it, it is 80 minutes, since it will be the topic of conversation of many during several days.

Around the world there were adapted scenarios to see the last minutes of the saga, even in the capitals of several countries the crowd was present, as in the case of Mexico City, where they were in the Pepsi Center WTC, Santa Mall Faith, while in Argentina, in a convention center gathered about three thousand fans to witness it.

Just in days past, followers made a request to re-record the final season because they were not satisfied with the writers, since, according to them, they were not up to the demands of the series. Dan Weiss, one of the creators of GOT, expected the fans to like it, but that was not the case for most of them and immediately the critics started right after the final episode ended.

A final with conflicting opinions

After eight years, 73 episodes and many deaths, the fans expected to find themselves facing an epic ending, but there were those who, instead, ended up with a bad taste in their mouth due to the poor development of the plot, not only in the last episode, but throughout the eighth season. From objects foreign to history like a glass of Starbucks after the victory over the white walkers or a bottle of water during the election of Bran as the king of the remaining six kingdoms, to the fact that they did not respect the storyline of the characters, many believe that David Benioff and Dan Weiss did not give size.

The most criticized decisions in the last six chapters were the quick and easy death of the King of the Night in whose existence a large part of the plot was based; the characters forgot their purpose, like Arya, the faceless girl, whose teaching time at the hands of Jaqen Hghar was in vain and in the end she did not take revenge on Cersei; or Bran who did not use his powers and who ultimately stayed with the throne despite its little relevance; in addition to strong characters such as Jon, Tyrion and even Brianne, were reduced to manipulable figures and dwarfed by unrequited love.

On the other hand, there were followers compliant with the last chapter, with the death of Daenerys at the hands of Jon, one of the favorite scenes, along with the destruction of the throne by the fire of Drogon, who understood that it was madness for power that ended with Khaleesi. I loved the last season of GOT, including Dani unleashing all his fury against the King's Landing. There's a lot of negativity about its ending, but I think it's just because people do not want NING? N final. But you know what they say: all good things, said the famous writer Stephen King.

Numbers in GOT

The numbers he threw Game of Thrones: the transmission was simultaneous for followers of 194 countries, there were 30 million streams since its premiere in Latin America; the locations for the recordings were in 10 countries, only in Northern Ireland were used 12 thousand 886 extras.

The blood that could be observed throughout the season was a total of four thousand gallons; a total of 1,300 shields were created for the series; 1.5 tons were used in the production of weapons, as well as 163 tons of propane.

One of the great protagonists, Emilia Clark, who took the role of Daenerys Targaryen, always wore an intact wig, for which it took two months in its development and definition. George R.R. Martin, author of the books, will continue writing, but it is not yet known if the new texts will be taken to the screen.

But the saga on television does not end there: for May 27 you can see a documentary about the shooting of the series, so all is not lost.

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