Gal Gadot congratulates Brie Larson and unites the universes of Marvel and DC


Although Diana de Temiscira and Carol Danvers belong to different universes, they have something in common: both are the first women to star in a film in both DC and Marvel. Something important that, instead of putting them against each other to see who is better, should unite them. And they know it!

However, since both productions premiered, the Internet gave way to a discussion to find out which of the two heroines is better, trying to compare even the smallest detail. But Gal Gadot had the perfect answer to end the confrontation.

I'm so happy for you, sister! Congratulations.

Recently premiered Captain Marvel and it has been a success, that's why Wonder Woman took the opportunity to send a message through her instastories congratulating actress Brie Larson.

Even the author of the illustration, Max Artwork, said that with her art she seeks to unite women and show the importance of having feminine examples in the world: here we do not put women against each other.

Both are great!

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