Fun pictures of BABIES disguised as seniors They are lovely!


It has been said that age is only a number, and an example is that some of us feel that we are old souls trapped in young bodies, while others find old age irrelevant in their youthful spirits.

If there is one person who knows this is the photographer Zachary Scott. For his latest project, the artist who resides in California captured a series of images that show six old babies. In each photograph, children look like older people, occupying roles that range from an experienced businessman to adorable grandmothers.

The series of photographs were created from an article of the New York Times to highlight the work of Ellen Langer, a Harvard psychologist who has spent much of her career studying the effects that a youth mentality can have on aging processes.

Ultimately, this series of photographs is a way to show the seriousness of the game, illustrating the vitality and fantasy that lies within us. We must choose to visualize it that way. Zachary Scott.

1. Old farmer

2. Stylish baby grandmother

3. Old businessman

4. Grandmother taking a walk with her cane

5. Old baby Gerber

6. Grandmother wearing her best dress for Sundays

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