Fun and funny shirts that every pregnant woman should wear


If you are pregnant and want to have fun, now there are many creative designs on shirts to show off your tummy and attract attention.

Simpler t-shirts

Or more creative and funny (there are many to choose from)

Do they tell you that you eat a lot? Here is the answer.

Do not forget one for grandma

and include dad.

Here is an idea to have your shirt together:

For this radiography shirt you need:

  • 2 t-shirts of the color you prefer (dark to contrast with white)
  • cardboards
  • scissors
  • an exact cuter
  • white, red and pink textile paint if you will have a girl
  • a thin brush and a thicker one
  • Adhesive tape type masking tape

Steps to do it:

  1. On a poster, draw all the designs you need.
  2. After having finished them, cut them out (the exact one will serve you in some parts that do not reach the scissors) to use the cardboard as a template.
  3. Once trimmed, we place our template according to the part we want to paint first. To prevent it from moving, we put tape on the sides.
  4. Wait until the paint dries to remove the plate.

This video tells you how to make a shirt: