From cinema to life! Robert Downey Jr. seeks to save the world with nanotechnology


The planet faces a great climate crisis and, according to the UN, it will be irreversible by 2030 if measures are not taken right now. With this premise, the actor Robert Downey Jr. seeks to combat climate change as Hombre de Hierro: with technology.

At the recent Amazon event, re: MARS 2019 in Las Vegas, Robert announced the launch of his new organization Footprint Coalition for April of the 2020, with which it tries to help to save to the planet with technology of last generation. This idea came to him during a dinner with experts in environmental issues.

With robotics and nanotechnology we could clean the planet significantly, if not completely, in 10 years.

The actor did not give more details about the project, but assured that the next months will be an arduous effort to get down to work and find the best team that, like him, feels that quiet feeling of crisis that leads to the action:

I do not pretend to understand the complexities that we face as a species only because I represented a genius in my professional life. My academic achievement peaked at a correctional facility. On the other hand, I played an interesting and iconic character for 11 years, Tony Stark, and what I liked about him was that he had gone from being someone without a soul that takes advantage of war, to being a man willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the community.

This is not the only project that the famous one has: he and his wife, Susan Downey, are working on a docuserie for YouTube Red that will be released this year. There will be eight episodes of one hour each in which experts in science, philosophy, technology, engineering, medicine, entertainment and art will talk about artificial intelligence and its impact on people's lives.

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