Friends build their own mini city to live and grow old together


Friendship is a feeling that unites people. For sample, a group of friends who decided not to separate.

To avoid giving up being together, eight people who have been friends for more than 20 years decided to build their own mini-city with their savings and the firm objective of living as a family, in addition to getting away from the chaos of the city and improving their quality of life with a purer air and the gifts that nature offers.

The small town Llano Exit Strategy, located in front of the Llano River in Texas, United States, is made up of four small eco cabins that cost 35 thousand euros, all have sloping roofs that transfer rainwater to barrels, reflective walls that allow that they do not heat in summer and an insulator that reduces the cold during the winter. The designer of these constructions was the architect Matt García. They have about 40 square meters, a double bed, a sofa, a bathroom and a porch.

Fred Zipp is one of the eight friends who took the initiative to build a space that would allow friendship to not end due to problems of distance. The first time was not such an attractive place, but once Matt García, the architect, drew the plans for the project, everything came together and we made our place, he said.

Although the group does not live in the cabins all the time, vacations are the perfect excuse to get together and live together. It's like a Disney movie here. We have hares, lynx, deer and all kinds of birds. As we spend more time here, we find more and more, Zipp pointed out.

Best Friends Build Their Own Tiny Town To Grow Old Together (April 2021)