Free the nipple, the controversial trend that invades the streets; Do they prefer comfort or what will they say?


Many women die to get home and throw in the chair the annoying bra, even some celebrities have decided to leave it at home forever and show their attributes to the world. Whether it's the pride of being a woman, femininity or simply because they can and want, they impose the trend free the nipple, but there are some risks.

This fashion is not for all girls, despite the fact that Dr. Jean Denis Ruillon has dedicated much of his time to the study of the effects of the use of bra in women's breasts and has managed to verify that in women in a range of 18 to 35 years, the nipple again go up an average of seven millimeters in a year if they do not wear brassiere, other experts say it is not a good idea in the case of women with large breasts.

Research in development

Ruillon's study is not definitive, since he has only observed young women with small bra sizes and now has decided to investigate with older women. Dr. Jean Masson, plastic surgeon in Paris, agrees with the continuation of the observations:

The women who have participated in the research are young people who do not have very large breasts. For this type of women, the use of a bra may not be indispensable. However, things may be different for those over 30 and who have already had children.

It can delay the effect of gravity

During pregnancy the breasts gain volume, which has consequences on the elasticity of the skin: less elasticity means that the mammary glands can move downwards.

However, Rouillon says that no scientific research has proven the effectiveness of the bra to keep the breasts in place. According to the scientist, the use of the bra can be dispensable and even, not recommended because the breasts are firmer without it.

Although the effects of time are unavoidable, wearing the right bra may help to delay your fall, especially if it is a large, bulky breast.

Everything depends on its size

The breast maintains the shape thanks to Cooper's ligaments, filaments of connective tissue that, especially in the case of large breasts, can crack and give of themselves, contributing to the fall of the chest, so it is advisable to use a bra .

In the case of women with smaller breasts, the use of the bra has some importance, since it improves the firmness and health of the breast.

It is recommended to rest without using bra

Although it does not serve for the prevention of stretch marks, it can help them not to grow when one of these breaks of skin appears in a heavy chest, since being without a support, a rupture in the fibers can take place.

The most advisable thing is to spend several hours a day without using the bra, preferably while you sleep so that you can perspire and rest, but it is not advisable to eliminate its use at 100 percent.

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