For this Husky, only 3 hours were enough to redecorate the whole house of their owners!


Who said that interior design is not for dogs? This husky decided to test the skeptics as soon as their owners left her at home to go to the movies. In just 3 hours, the aspiring artist turned the department into a real canvas.

The husky took out his inner artist by inking his paws, turning the plants and of course anything else that got in his way. It was a big piece of space and I had to do something. This four-legged artist even left his signature on the bed to prove his authorship. Although the new design had to be cleaned by its owners, we hope that one day your artwork will be recognized.

As explained by their owners, the puppy used traditional ink for the practice of Chinese calligraphy that is 100% biodegradable and is not toxic to humans or animals.

Who said that interior design can not do dogs?

This Husky certainly left the skeptics silent

In just 3 hours he redecorated the whole place

The puppy took out his inner artist

He decided that the plants would be his painting and his paws his brushes

He also made sure that the paint was not harmful

His work was entitled Traditional Practice of Chinese Calligraphy

Finally the bed kept his signature

Try Not To Laugh Challenge #4 (January 2021)