For the first time EE UU crown three black women in beauty pageants


The United States has new representatives of beauty in the most important contests: Miss USA, Miss Teen and Miss America and they are black women.

This may seem more common than it is, but the fact that a person - a woman of African-American origin - can do something that stands out in the face of long years of discrimination has given history a very big turn.

Black women, the new queens of EE. UU

Since 1920, the participation of women of color in beauty pageants has been banned; even though the organizations modified the regulation so that females of all races entered, this was still a problem.

It was not until 50 years ago that more candidates appeared in the contest and finally in 1983, Miss America won the first black woman, Vanessa Williams; later, in 1990, Carole Anne Marie Gist became Miss USA; The following year, Janel Bishop was crowned Miss Teen.

Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA

This 2019, when she was named winner of the Miss USA title, enlarged the list of black women who have triumphed in this competition. Coming from North Carolina, she is a lawyer in defense of inmates who may have been unjustly convicted and seeks to shorten her punishment. She finished her studies at the University of South Carolina and obtained her law degree and then a master's degree in Business Administration from Wake Forest University.

Kryst told a story in a video aired during the contest in which he relates that a judge of legal competence suggested that he not wear pants, but skirt because they like:

Do not tell women to wear different clothes while giving men substantial feedback on their legal arguments.

Nia Franklin, Miss America

With only 23 years old, she represents New York and women of color. He was born in North Carolina, he is an opera singer, he started at a young age, when he found his vocation in music. He currently works at Sing for Hope NGO, which helps people through music.

I grew up in a predominantly Caucasian school, I felt out of place because of the color of my skin. But as I grew up I found my love for the arts, and through music I was able to feel positive about myself and who I was.

Kaliegh Garris, Miss Teen USA

In favor of naturalness and against the standards of beauty, Garris prevailed his liberal thoughts and raised his hair to natural. Despite the criticism, she won the title of Miss Connecticut Teen USA and later Miss Teen USA; He said that his hair would look better than if he brought it straight:

I know how I look with straight hair, with extensions and with my curly hair, and I feel more secure and comfortable with my natural hair.

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