Finland gives paid vacations to anyone who wants to be happy


If you are looking for a necessary vacation, you should consider traveling to the happiest country in the world. Do not you know yet about that place we're talking about? It's about the amazing and quiet Finland. For the second year in a row, the European country ranked number one as the happiest territory and one of the best places to live.

Now, this region wants to share the secret of happiness with the rest of the world, inviting foreigners to take a free vacation to meet and live with citizens who, it seems, will be our guides to eternal happiness.

Holidays full of happiness

Rent a Finn is the name of the campaign that invites you to spend three days during the summer in the house of Finnish families and discover in your lifestyle the secret of relaxation, tranquility and total happiness. It sounds like the perfect vacation. There is also happiness guides, who will help make the experience even more satisfying. On the website you can learn more about the guides: Petri, Linda and Niko, Timo, Hanna, Katja, Esko, and Laura and Joni.

Those interested in taking advantage of the opportunity of their lives will have the option of visiting eight towns in the country where they can reconnect with nature in activities such as gathering berries, roasting meat, taking a boat ride and enjoying national games. There is no excuse for not knowing Finland.

How can you be part of the experience?

All you have to do is send a maximum video of three minutes to the Rent a Finn page. In it you should describe your relationship with nature and explain why you have so many desires to know the Nordic country; You must also fill out a form in which you will find the requirements to be part of these incredible vacations.

The deadline to make the request ends on April 14. Therefore, if you are interested, do not wait another minute to find happiness!

Why is Finland the happiest place?

If you still have doubts to travel to this country, on the Day of Happiness the UN named it after considering the generosity of their people, the freedom to make life decisions, social relations, health and life expectancy . So you know, the perfect country does exist.

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