Find out why this 99-year-old granny has captivated the world. She's adorable!

Lillian Weber starts a dress every day so that a girl in need has something beautiful to wear.

Over the past few years, Weber has made more than 840 dresses for Dresses for Africa, a non-profit Christian organization that distributes dresses for poor girls in and around Africa. Weber says he hopes to reach the goal of a thousand dresses in a short time.

This great achievement would undoubtedly be quite extraordinary, but there is something else that makes Lillian Weber's story particularly surprising: she is 99 years old

Weber lives in Iowa and starts a new dress every morning; After a break at noon, the garment ends in the afternoon. It's just what I like to do, Weber told the Quad-City Times.

Even though Lillian is very fast, she still takes the time to make each dress very special. She customizes each dress, her daughter Linda has expressed about the details that she puts on the front of each garment.

Weber, nominated for the Pay It Forward Award, has been sewing for Dresses for Africa since 2011, when she and a group of women (mostly over 80) decided to join to support them: I was watching a documentary about the organization and I thought It would be a great idea to come together to help some people who live so far away.

African people benefited by the organization "Dressed for Africa"

Dresses for Africa distributes dresses to orphanages, churches and schools in Africa. According to the organization's website, its goal is not lucrative, but seeks to provide clothing to some of the most vulnerable children in the world.

Girls benefited by "Dresses for Africa"

To date, the organization has collected more than 2.5 million dresses, which have been distributed in 47 countries in Africa, Haiti, Honduras, Thailand, Mexico and even parts of the United States.

African girls with a sign saying "Thank you"

Source: Huffingtonpost

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