Find out what kind of friend you are and who are your best friends according to your sign

Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure, says the saying. Friendship is something so valuable that we can ensure that nobody wants to live without friends; without that invaluable, disinterested and unconditional company.

It is said that friends are the family we choose, but the truth is that this great friend or friend were not chosen at random, but were destined to know each other thanks to the influence of the stars and their zodiac sign.

1. Aries

Aries is a friend of her friends when she wants to be, but it is also true that she is a very detached person who has trouble showing her emotions. He is sensitive, so he is usually on the defensive.

Best friends:

Gemini and Aquarius.

2. Taurus

She is that friend that you can always trust because she will take all your secrets to the grave. The only drawback is that he always wants to be right.

Best friends:

Pisces and Cancer.

3. Gemini

They are very sociable girls, they love being surrounded by people and sharing their life with the people who love them. Being by his side means fun and laughter; They also have the ability to make you feel special because they know how to listen and give advice.

Best friends:

Aries and Leo.

4. Cancer

He has a hard time trusting others, especially when he does not know them in depth. She has a big heart and puts the well-being of her friends before her own, but if she discovers that they are betraying her, nothing will ever be the same again; Even if he can forgive you, he will not give you a second chance.

Best friends:

Taurus and Virgo.

5. Leo

Leo is one of the signs that transmits more calm and positive energy. It has the ability to make anyone around you feel safe and protected. As soon as she discovers that one of her friends has problems, she is the first to come to help. Of course, your sincerity is not suitable for cowards.

Best friends:

Gemini and Libra.

6. Virgo

The special thing about Virgo's friendship is that it lasts forever. There may be many ups and downs or distance in between, but when you enter the heart of a virgo girl is not to leave. Of course, if you come to betray her or lie to her, she will put you aside and it will be as if she had never met you; he better conserves his friendship and takes advantage of his intelligence and sincerity because his advice is full of wisdom.

Best friends:

Cancer and Scorpio.

7. Libra

Libra will never harm you, it will do everything possible to protect you from harm that others may do. He loves to surround himself with people who bring new experiences, he does not hold a grudge and he is always among the first to forgive and put peace in the middle of a discussion.

Best friends:

Leo and Sagittarius.

8. Scorpio

What he values ​​most in the world is trust and loyalty. If you want to be by her side for a long time, you better be honest.

Best friends:

Virgo and Capricorn.

9. Sagittarius

He is one of those people who have many acquaintances and few true friends. If you are fortunate enough to be her friend, you know that whatever happens, you will have her help; In addition, he is a very sincere person who will make reality true without harming your emotions.

Best friends:

Libra and Aquarius.

10. Capricorn

A friendship with her will not be easy Neither at the beginning nor at the end. Capricorn has a hard time trusting others, but he is a super loyal person, incapable of betraying his neighbors and that is worthy of value.

Best friends:

Scorpio and Pisces.

11. Aquarium

Maybe there are days when you stay with her and do not show up because she has been forgotten, or ask for a favor and in the end days go by and she does not remember. But it does not mean that you do not care, it's just clueless.

Best friends:

Sagittarius and Aries.

12. Pisces

It is one of the most sensitive signs and with the greatest love of the zodiac. Connect easily with other people, especially those who are loyal. Pisces knows what happens to you without you telling him, is able to share the pain with you and will always be willing to help you.

Best friends:

Capricorn and Taurus.

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