Finally, a lipstick that does not run for ANYTHING in the world !; this beauty company creates the impossible


If you are a girl lover of makeup you are likely to maintain a relationship of love and hate with your lipstick, because it usually ends up impregnated in the glass of your coffee, the neck of your clothes or, even, on the lips of your boy at the moment of Kiss him, something quite annoying for both of you.

Thinking about this situation that has accompanied us for years, the cosmetics company Lipsense has launched a range of lipsticks that do not run with anything, absolutely nothing. It does not matter if you rub your lips, if you drink wine or if it's raining, you will always keep your color. You can buy them on their official website, through Mercadolibre and Etsy, as they have shipments to any part of the world, all with the sole intention of seeing us happy.

If you are a girl lover of makeup

It is sure that you have found yourself in this situation

And that you hate that your lipstick goes with the first drink of the day

Maybe you should change your lip to Lipsense

The only ones lipstick that do not run with anything

In truth, with nothing

Solving your makeup problems

Now just select one of its incredible tones

Acquire it through Mercadolibre or Etsy

And make incredible designs on your lips

Without fear that your lipstick runs

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