Father makes his son fly to raise awareness about Down Syndrome

When photographer Alan Lawrence learned that his first child, Will, had Down syndrome, he was shocked. Now, he is determined to show the world that having a child with that disability is a blessing. To do this, Lawrence began a series of photographs called Wil Can Flay, where he shows, thanks to photoshop, his little son flying through everyday situations. For this loving father, Will's limit is really heaven.

1. Helping mom with cleaning

2. Having fun together

3. Flying over the chickens

Wil is like any other child his age, only he needs a little more time to reach his goals.

4. Life is a soap bubble

5. A large forest in which a beautiful baby floats

6. There are no limits

The response to this project has been so positive, that Will's family wants to create a calendar and donate half of the income to two charities for children with Down syndrome in the United States.

7. The sky is the limit

8. Appreciating my reflection

9. In pursuit of happiness

Lawrence also hopes to help people overseas through his YouTube channel, where he has uploaded therapy tutorials and videos of his family's daily life.

10. A food plane

11. If I run, you fly

12. A common day in Will's life

Father uses photos of 'flying' son to raise awareness for Down Syndrome (January 2021)