Father accompanies his daughter the first and last day of classes; Internet cries of emotion


The presence of a father in the life of his daughter is paramount, it gives him security, confidence and reminds him that he always has a protector and counselor. He is a person who shows unconditional and unconditional love.

Jason Gayler and his family live in a small town in Texas, are very close and are about to dismiss his oldest daughter, Brittany, 18, who in a couple of months will attend college.

Dad's little girl

Inspired by a photograph of the first day in Brittany's kindergarten, when she was only 5 years old, in which she accompanied the little girl to the door of the school, Jason decided to repeat the beautiful gesture and walk with her on the last day of high school classes.

It will always be your baby

Excited by this beautiful moment, Brit uploaded both images to her Twitter account; her intention was to show the world how much love there is between her and her father. The response was immediate and it became a sensation. Quickly, thousands of people indicated that they liked this publication.

Jason was happy to take his daughter for the last time

I'm holding back the tears, it was a very exciting moment.

She was also happy and said that having reached the door accompanied by her father moved her too:

I have always been grateful that my parents have been there for me.

Although she also mentioned having felt a bit embarrassed.

An unexpected response

In addition to fostering love between parents and daughters, his memory on the Internet had a great impact.

Many did not believe their father's appearance

They even wanted the recipe to preserve it like this

They claimed that he had found the fountain of youth

They even made some strong comments

And they were moved to tears


King's daughter ?? (@Iveth_mahomie) May 27, 2017

They were proud of this beautiful gesture

They were shocked by the incredible bond that exists between them


baldie ??? ¨ (@chiiiinaa__) May 26, 2017

And they appreciated sharing this family moment

Simply charming

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